Change gnome screenshot command

It seems you can only change the screenshot keybinding, not the actual command. It also has a command line mode gnome-screenshot. Once this command is entered, the mouse pointer will be changed, and you can drag and select which area to take screenshot.
If you spend time working on the Linux command line, and are looking for a good, feature-rich command line-based screen grabbing tool, you may want to try out gnome-screenshot. You can set the directory with the dconf command.
Change gnome screenshot command — img 2
If it run it, the following happens, I can click and drag anywhere on the screen and it saves an image, of the are I chose. From the command-line, just type the command gnome-screenshot to do the same.
Are you searching how to use a com. Launch the screenshot tool as shown below. Gnome configuration gconf dconf. With the help of twin, a camera takes two separate pictures of you and auto stitch both the pictures to make it look like you have a twin and you both are pictured together.