Linux resize image from command line

The most popular and easiest is mogrify, which comes from the imagemagick library. I would like to know how to resize images in Ubuntu. Also, Terminal consumes the least amount of system resources and is lightning fast.
Linux resize image from command line
In most of the cases, it is highly efficient to use command line when doing things from a remote computer. If you never had any image size restrictions or automatic resizing on your site, it can be extremely convenient to batch resize those images in Linux. I would like to resize into I was wondering if there is a method to achieve this in a single command line.

How can I batch resize multiple images using Linux command line.

Linux resize image from command line — img 1
To achieve that, I use convert from imagemagick. Today, lets talk about how to resize images by command line via Terminal. First we need to install Imagemagick from the repository on Debian or Ubuntu. We can use the identify command to get the width w and height.

Resizing images from the Terminal in Ubuntu.

Sometimes, you might be dealing with more than one or two images. Design Thinking for the Instructional Designer? Batch Resize Images using Linux Command Line and Imagemagick.