Nstextattachment image size

Calculate proportional height to width. Let attachment NSTextAttachment. NSTextAtatchment is just a holder for a UIImage so scale the image when it needs scaling and recreate the text attachment or set it's image. In this second part I will walk you through how this is achieved.

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Nstextattachment image size
Travis is correct that the offset is the font descender. Is there a way I can manipulate the size of the image from within the attributed string.
Nstextattachment image size — img 1
Photographers Gabriella Angotti-Jones, Scott McIntyre, nstextattachment image size, Johnny Milano and Eric Thayer are on the ground in Florida covering the storm for The New York Times. Obviously all the icons had to match the text size. Basically I want to insert an image between text. Below is an excerpt from the whole attributed string that represents the image attachment.
Personalized doormats are the perfect gift for weddings, housewarmings and the hard to shop for. I teased that I found a way to have NSTextAttachment also work asynchronously. If let attachment attribute as.